As I write this, I am getting geared up for a 48 hour juice fast that I was talked into by a friend of mine. Misery loves company, right? I’ve fasted before, generally for religious reasons, and I’m using that perspective here. It’s Lent, it’s a discipline. 

 As in: or experience that provides mental or physical training.


My juicing bucket

At the worst, I give up food, which many others around the world do on a daily basis anyway. It’s one of those, so this is what it feels like moments. At the best, I will have a spiritual experience. Or I might be hallucinating due to the lack of solid food. Either way, I plan on donating the amount I’m not spending on food to Feeding South Dakota. I figure it makes this self flagellation exercise more palpable and it’s a win for everyone. My friend is not as altruistic as I am; for her it’s about the weight loss. 

I’ve done my due diligence. I already have a juicer that I use quite frequently. There are certain vegetables I will not eat, under any circumstance, but will juice the day lights out of. For example, beets. Won’t eat them, will drink them however. I got into juicing several years ago, after there was a demo at our local co-op. I was sold. It’s the same as Costco giving out all those samples, I can’t say no to free food.

Like most radical changes, I talked to my doctor about this, if only because I don’t want to have any issues. She knows how much mastication and digestion means to me. After she was done laughing hysterically, “you? Not eat? You’re kidding right?”, she gave her blessing. 

I am officially a wingman. I mean wing woman. 


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