Someone dared to call me smug yesterday.

My response? 

 <<blank stare>> 
Smug is defined as: 

having or showing the annoying quality of people who feel very pleased or satisfied with their abilities, achievements, etc.

 “Smug.” Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2016.

To me, that means I’m badassed and I work hard to achieve things. I am focused on what I’m doing and since it’s my focus, that’s what I talk about mostly. I’ve never been really great at chit chat kind of stuff. 

You know, that water cooler kind of talk. 

Person A: did you watch the voice last night?

Me: No.

Person A:…….

If they instead asked: 

Person A: what did you do last night? 

Me: I listened to Iggy Pop’s new album in its entirety since it was upper body day and cardio. I did this thing on the TRX system at the gym, which uses your body weight and it was awesome. My shoulders are pumped up! The only problem is you’re holding these straps and handles and your hands get sweaty and clammy, so you have to grip really hard. You have to listen to this album, it’s up there with Iggy’s best. The man is a freaking genius. Just when you don’t think he could get any better, this comes along and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age was part of it. He’s just brilliant. You know he founded Eagles of Death Metal too, and they were playing at Le Batalclan in Paris during those brutal attacks. Can you believe what happened in Brussels? I was there in 1992 and it was like a fairy tale city. I tried writing about it this morning but I didn’t have enough coffee yet, and it sounds very stilted and I’m too dense to edit before hitting post, so it just is. When I got back from the gym it was taco Tuesday and I love tacos so I made them with Morningstar crumbles and salsa and queso fresco and fajita peppers. And lots of guac, because it’s all about the guacamole. It was soooooo good. Not as good as Gilberto’s but really good. Then I watched a bunch of stuff on you tube with my kiddo and I created an awesome  playlist on Soundcloud. I’m trying to do the mixing for my podcast and I’m not very techy, so it’s a challenge. I need to find someone to help me with the software I’m using. I actually recorded the voice overs in my car at my son’s track practice on Saturday and I’ve got the music all done, it’s just lining it up and then uploading. Then I wrote for a while because I’m working on a book. It’s a collection of concert photos I’ve taken over the years and writing the captions is tedious, because come on you know who that artist is don’t you? Then I  read a little bit from a collected short stories book as a palate cleanser because one day I hope to be one tenth as good as F Scott Fitzgerald for a little bit and then listened to Madeline Brand on KCRW as I drifted off into dreamland.

Person A: you’re really…smug. 

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