Ain’t Talking Bout Love

I need to preface this: I’m not a Hilary supporter. 

However, as a woman, I find the sentiment that Hilary will “get hers” when she sits where Bill & Monica got it on, misogynistic and plain out disgusting.  

I remember the whole “scandal”. What Clinton did as president was nothing new-presidents have been wanting some, getting some from women other than their wives since the beginning of our history. The difference is that Clinton got caught, and the media exploited it. 

The big question posed by many women’s magazines and talk shows was, would Hilary stay? Would she take him back? The mantle holder for post modern feminism had to make the right decision for not only herself, but all women.

It’s bread & circuses. We have a 24 hour news cycle with about 15 minutes of real news. Everything else is filler.

Instead of the Clinton administration being remembered for their successes, it is instead remembered mostly for a cigar and a splotch of DNA on a dress. Women, other than Monica, had a lot of success in his administration, and not just knocking boots with the commander in chief. We had the first female attorney General, first female Secretary of State. The Violence Against Women Act was passed in 1994. 

But it’s all for naught. 

When Hilary made the choice to stay, after being so publicly humiliated, a lot of women my age were very angry at her. It was like how could you? You deserve so much better. You were supposed to be our feminist she-Ro. You were supposed to kick him in the balls & kick him to the curb.
But she flipped the script on us.

I recently started binge watching House of Cards on Netflix. It’s smartly written, incredibly well acted, and beautifully shot. Kevin Spacey is both diabolical and endearing, but the true star is Robin Wright. I admit, I was most familiar with her from two of my favorite movies, Forrest Gump and the Princess Bride. Her turn as Claire Underwood is so far removed from those roles. 

I can totally dig that Claire & Hilary are cut from the same cloth. They are equally as smart (if not smarter) as their husbands with a bit of power hunger thrown in for good measure. They are ruthless, cunning modern day interpretations of Lady McBeth. 

I was actually sad when I watched the last episode of this season, because it was done. Like a good book or a beautiful piece of music, I didn’t want it to end. I inhabited their world for a brief moment, and it burned brightly, and flamed out. 

Back to reality, feel the Bern.

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