In the Lobby

I have been an Iggy Pop fan since way back. I first heard the Stooges on the little bedside radio I had in my bedroom when I was in the single digits. I’m pretty sure it was Search and Destroy, but that could be wishful thinking after almost 40 years. 

Later on, I discovered more about him, including Lust for Life. It was a rather backwards way-I became a huge David Bowie fan around the time of Let’s Dance. One of the tracks on there was China Girl, which was actually an Iggy Pop song. It led me down a rabbit hole of learning all I could about this man. I would spend hours reading Rolling Stone on microfiche at the Foothill branch location of the Salt Lake City public library. I would go to Raunch Records with a list for Brad and Daphne. They helped me curate my Iggy Pop/ Stooges collection-and turned me onto other bands too, like the Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth. Many of my favorite bands, including the Sex Pistols, did covers of Iggy and the Stooges. 


It wasn’t until 1986’s Blah Blah Blah that everyone else seemed to jump on the bandwagon. Classmates of mine who had no idea who he was loved Real Wild One. Later on Lust for Life-what I call my Iggy Pop gateway drug-was used in a few ads as well as in one of my favorite movies Trainspotting

Iggy and Bowie are two intertwined innovators who keep creating. Unfortunately, Bowie left us too soon earlier this year. This made Iggy’s new album Post Pop Depression even more important. The fact that it is self financed reminds us that Iggy is the king of punk, and we are solely his minions. It is a collaboration with Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), which  in itself is brilliant.
And so is this album. 

The album kicks off with the brilliant Break into Your Heart, which has quickly become my favorite song. The imagery, the sheer sonic boom of this is a warning shot that Mr. Pop is present & accounted for. In my humble opinion, this is up there with his finest. 

There is the sublime Gardenia, which is vintage Iggy. The lyrics are absolute poetry. I think he’s been underrated as a lyricist over the years, but this can change that. 

My third favorite track on the album (which is like picking my favorite dog) is In the Lobby. The guitar wailing in the background versus the lyric is just brilliant. 

If you were going to get one album this year (and I hope that I’m wrong on that because music is life), get Post Pop Depression (well, after Bowie’s Blackstar, Ty Segall’s Emotional Mugger, Lucinda Williams’ Ghost of Highway 20, the new Ray LaMontagne, as well as new releases from 90’s faves Soul Asylum & James….and that’s just the year to date). There’s so much great music happening right now, and this is at the top of the list. 

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