I Ran (part deux)

I love to run. I really do…I’m just not very fast. That hurts my competitive nature, and many times I stop participating in races or group runs because I don’t feel good enough. Yes, self esteem issues even bleed over into my workouts.

I joined a women’s running group a few months ago and it’s been an inspiration for me. I’ve been hitting the treadmill due to Mother Nature not getting the notice it’s spring. It’s been slow going for me, because I am so out of shape. Actually I am a shape-round. It doesn’t make it easier to run. 

I’m in my mid 40’s, so I know my years of running are starting to be limited. Arthritis seems to be a genetic predisposition in my family, which means I know that one day I won’t be hitting the trail. That day is not today, however. I’m going to keep going as far as I can, for as long as I can.


 I remember the days of conquering hills running up State St towards the capital in Salt Lake City. Up there, you have a perfect view of the valley. It truly is spectacular. Several years ago, I went back and wanted to share my personal Rocky moments with the Jedi, but he wasn’t interested. Teens, you know, not wanting to give their parents their props. In a way I’m glad I didn’t have to try to impress him. I’m not sure if I would have made it.

Today I really broke out of my shell. I ran a 5k, outdoors, in the cold. It was a beautiful morning. I got the job done and was back in my warm car very quickly-a little more than an hour from start to finish. The best part? No hypothermia! 

There is something very different about running outside versus the treadmill. For one obvious reason-scenery. Then there’s the added bonus of fresh air in my asthmatic lungs. Unfortunately, running in the cold can cause me to have major leg cramps and if it wasn’t for Chuck D bringing the noise, I would have limped across the finish line. 

Instead, I rocked my run. It’s only as good as its playlist, and I think mine is superb. 

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