You Spin Me Right Round

One of my favorite fake holidays is Record Store Day. I owe much of who I am to the time I spent in many a record store in my youth. Raunch Records, with its proprietors Brad and Daphne, were like the older siblings I never had. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with the Replacements, Husker Du or any of the other Minneapolis bands (thanks to my love of the Violent Femmes, they convinced me to give these a whirl and it was love at first listen). I spent a lot of time-and money-there, but it was an investment. I still listen to a lot of what I listened to 30 years ago. There’s a sense of comfort, especially when the darkness hits.

Waiting for the doors to open at Total Drag
I have my go to favorites-Meat Loaf, the Clash, Dead Kennedys, the English Beat, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Violent Femmes, AC/DC, Van Halen, Black Sabbath/Ozzy-that I will listen to over and over again. I never have grown tired of their music and I instantly get transported to a happier place and time. There’s something about their music that touches a deep seated part of my soul, and heals it. I have a pretty diverse collection of albums, CD’s, cassettes and now digital, so I’ve got a mix for whatever mood I may be in.


Great crowd at Total Drag
I haven’t really been plugged into a record store for years. I was too “mature” for that, since I was a mom and had to act grown up and respectable. Its only fairly recently that I went back to my original love. I don’t think I could ever recreate the special kinship I had with Raunch, and that’s because of the time and place. It was the mid 80’s, Salt Lake City, and some of the greatest hardcore bands were actually recording and touring. I saw one of Rollins’ first spoken word tours at the Painted Word Café, on their recommendation. They gave me some feedback on my (really bad, emo) poetry and encouraged me to create a very limited release fanzine, Exploited Youth, financed with baby sitting money and Xeroxed at the Salt Lake City public library.

The original Raunch has moved from the west side to Sugarhouse. The Painted Word is long gone. I don’t think Brad and Daphne are still together. When I went back “home” a few years ago, I had to make a pilgrimage to where I was most influenced. I left a little bit of my soul along with a lot of my money there, but it was so worth it.



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