Day 2 of captivity.
So far I’ve been tortured by Super Mario Logan videos (watch at your own peril) by one of my captors. I haven’t broken yet. 
One of the guards insists on climbing me like a mountain goat and licking my face. It’s…disturbing. Another guard follows me everywhere. I am never left alone. 
The most terrifying of all the guards leaps from out of nowhere and scares me. I think it’s a strategy to keep me off balance. 
I’m feeling weak from no PiYo this morning. I will need to find ways to make the most of my free time to maintain my strength. The guards muttered something about a forced march around the compound. To add to my humiliation, I will be tethered to them. 
I’ve been informed by the head guard that I am responsible for the Forced labor since I’m imprisoned. He pointed at a toilet bowl brush and a bottle of windex. In the distance, I see mountains of laundry that I may be forced to climb later. It’s almost more than I can bear. If I resist, I will be tortured with more videos (isn’t that against the Geneva convention?) 
If you’re getting this message…send cherry limeade. It’s Saturday.

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