My grandma was first generation American, of Austro-Hungarian descent. I grew up eating a lot of ethnic food, and it’s in my soul, marrow and blood. It was my go to comfort food from my childhood. 

For the last half of my life, it’s been verboten since he didn’t like it. Declaring my independence, I’m adding these back in. I feel a connection with my ancestors making these dishes, and a reconnection to my own soul.

Today, I’m making stuffed cabbage. I had to modify it a bit since I’m doing low carb, so I substituted cauliflower rice for regular.

Ground turkey


1 c cauliflower rice

Garlic powder 

Cabbage leaves, steamed

1 egg 

1 c tomato sauce

Mix turkey, rice, egg, garlic powder & paprika together. Place in cabbage leaf
roll up and place in crockpot. Pour sauce over top and sprinkle with paprika. Cook for 6 hours. Serve topped with sour cream

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