Story time tribe.
I was very close to my grama. She basically raised me (& my sister for her 1st 9 years). She was an awesome, amazing woman. She had a massive stroke on 7/4/99 and died 6 weeks later.

She went out on her own terms too
While she was in hospice, there was a cocoon on her window. The day she died, the most magnificent butterfly emerged. It hung out on the window until the funeral home came & got her. Then it flew off
I don’t always see a lot of butterflies but when i do I think of that one & my grama. 
I’ve been going through a lot of sh*t lately and everywhere I go, I’ve been seeing butterflies. I chalked the first few times up to coincidence…but today I basically had one keep flying into me. 

I swear it was a message from my grama that we all need those ugly moments to transform into something magical

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