Pity party, table of 1

I had the opportunity to chat with an old friend last night who gave me a bit of a come to Jesus talk.
I need to put an end to my pity party, table of 1. She’s right, I’ve been wallowing in my misery for a while now, and missing the blessings in all the life lessons I’m being dealt. 
So I *need* to get back to basics for me. I need to do my morning pages (if you’ve read the artists way, you’ll know what I’m talking about). I need to go back to my yoga mat. I need to sit my a** down on my meditation pillow and free my mind. I need to stop obsessing about food, losing weight and eating plans. I need to fill myself with foods that nourish me, not ones that are on a checklist. I need to do my gratitude journal every night. I need to set clear intentions daily. I need to move myself in a way that’s going to honor my body. I need to reconnect with the rituals that ground me and frame my day/week/month.I need to harness my power and energy with some of the modalities that work for me and be consistent with them. 
And so today, I start back to basics.

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